• General Construction Company

    General Construction Company

  • Road and Open Area Constructions

    Road and Open Area Constructions

  • Solar Water Pump

    Solar Water Pump

  • Reconstruction and Renovation of Buildings

    Reconstruction and Renovation of Buildings

  • A complete renovation, architectural planning

    A complete renovation, architectural planning

  • Solar water pump

    Solar water pump

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"Building For A Better World"

General Construction Company

The company was established by Mr. Ioannis Fragos and his management team. Our activities started in ‘90s.
Having as a competitive advantage the accumulated experience obtained through its dynamic participation in the execution of high quality public infrastructure projects as well as private projects in Greece, the company is expanding its strong presence in the local market. Our people bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. The company has collaborated with important architectural offices, applying innovative construction methods, satisfying all technological requirements of the studies and its customers.

More specifically, the company is active in the fields of mechanical engineering and civil engineering in general. At the same time the company’s aim is to strengthen its position abroad through the undertaking of infrastructure projects in South Africa and the Middle East. Also, over the past few years the company focuses in the fields of reconstruction and renovation of existing public and private buildings. Charisma Constructions in collaboration with specialized and experienced teams of all disciplines, which combined with the excellent knowledge of the company, undertake renovations of all types, in houses, apartments, shops and commercial premises.



Friday 19 July 2024